Customer loyalty with Digital Collectibles

Unlock new levels of customer engagement and fandom by incorporating Web3 Digital Collectibles into your loyalty campaigns.

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Deepen bonds with your brand's fans, foster lasting relationships, and maintain a competitive edge.

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Digital Collectibles for loyalty

Innovatively link rewards to customers' digital identities.

Boost fandom

Maximize your brand's community engagement efforts.

Digital wallet strategy

Prepare for the 5.2 billion-user surge by 2026.

Boost your customer engagement

Web3 is a game-changer for customer loyalty programs

Traditional Loyalty Programmes

  • Transactional only

  • Stamp cards and point-based systems

  • Rational loyalty

  • Low engagement

  • Risk of fraud

Modern Loyalty Programmes

  • Reward any activity

  • Technology driven and app-based

  • Rational and emotional loyalty

  • Engagement tools such as gamification

  • Risk of fraud

Web3 Loyalty Programmes

  • Reward “brand valuable” behaviour with Digital Collectibles

  • Build online communities including collaborating with your partners

  • Appeal to “superfans” and influencers

  • No vendor lock-in freeing you to build loyalty using digital assets however you choose

  • Stored securely on the blockchain

  • No fraud risk

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