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#1 Tailor-Made Rewards for Every Customer

Rewards Wallet: Personalized Engagement

With our Rewards Wallet, you can offer unique rewards and create challenges for your customers - allowing you to integrate your brand into a mobile app, where you can directly engage with your audience.

Personalized Rewards

Provide rewards that match your customers' preferences, like discounts or exclusive experiences.

Customer Challenges

Set up fun and engaging activities for customers to participate in, helping to keep them connected with your brand.

Brand Integration

Make the app feel like an extension of your brand for a consistent customer experience.

#2 Build a Community Around Your Brand

Shopify App: Enhance Your Online Store

Our Shopify App helps you add a new loyalty layer to your online store, making it more than just a place to shop. By integrating digital rewards, you can encourage customers to keep coming back.

Unique Rewards

Use digital collectibles to reward customers, making each interaction with your store memorable.

Discounts and Sharing

Offer special deals to customers who own certain collectibles and encourage them to share their experiences on social media.

Easy Setup

Add a loyalty programme to your Shopify store without worrying about hidden costs or technical friction.

#3 Quests and Rewards for a Vibrant Work Culture

Workplace Wellness and Brand Engagement

Promote a healthy workplace and deepen brand engagement through custom quests that reward employees and contractors for their contributions to your company's goals, including social and environmental initiatives.

Personalized Quests for Well-being

Implement quests focused on well-being and workplace satisfaction, encouraging a balanced and healthy work environment.

Support for Social and Environmental Causes

Engage your workforce in your brand’s social and environmental efforts, aligning employee activities with your corporate values.

Custom Rewards Program

Utilize our Rewards Wallet to offer bespoke rewards for quest completion, ranging from vouchers to unique experiences, enhancing employee satisfaction and loyalty.

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