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Transform your customers into passionate brand advocates with the innovative power of Digital Collectibles, driving engagement, growth, and creating a deeply connected community around your brand.

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Tackling Shopify Marketing Challenges

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Shopify marketers face an array of challenges that can hinder the growth and success of their brand.

🙅 Diminishing Customer Loyalty

In a world filled with choices, maintaining customer loyalty has become an uphill battle.

Traditional rewards programs aren't cutting it anymore, as customers seek more personalized and meaningful engagements with brands.


💰 Soaring Customer Acquisition Costs

With the digital marketing space becoming increasingly saturated, the cost to acquire new customers has been steadily rising.

This increased competition means more budget spent on ads, less ROI, and a constant battle to stay visible and relevant.


😴 Difficulty Engaging Customers

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, capturing and maintaining the attention of customers is a persistent challenge.

With the myriad of distractions and alternatives available, it's harder than ever to keep customers engaged and invested in your brand.


The Rising Cost and Dwindling Trust Dilemma

With annual paid advertising costs soaring over 100%, acquiring new customers costing seven times more than retaining existing ones, and falling trust in platforms like Facebook—now at just 20%—today's marketing landscape presents significant challenges.


Step into the Future with Digital Collectibles

From Customers to Tribe Members

Transform your customer base into a close-knit community, tied together by shared experiences and mutual values. Start fostering fandom!

Experience Enhancement with Digital Collectibles

Infuse your customer interactions with memorable experiences. Award Digital Collectibles as symbols of unique experiences or include them as integral parts of the experience itself.

Let every Digital Collectible mark a remarkable journey with your brand.


Exclusive Access and Offers

Reward your loyal fans with more than just discounts. Grant access to exclusive content, offers, and hidden corners of your website.

Let holding a Digital Collectible be a ticket to a world full of surprises and privileges.


Personalized Discounts for Digital Collectible Holders

Foster loyalty by offering personalized discounts exclusively to Digital Collectible holders.

Make each Digital Collectible a passport to savings, adding value and delight to every purchase.


Customer Communities: Uniting Under Shared Values

Digital Collectibles don't just incentivize loyalty - they allow you to weave a narrative around your brand ethos and the causes you champion. Your customer loyalty program can seamlessly align with any social and environmental initiatives you support.

Transform your Shopify customer base into a thriving tribe united by shared beliefs and values, fostering deeper connections and engagement. Each Digital Collectible becomes a token of shared commitment and a badge of honor for your tribe members. It's more than loyalty - it's a sense of belonging.

Simplifying Your Leap into Digital Collectibles

Embark on an effortless journey with The Blue Marble. No technical hurdles, no fuss.

Hassle-Free Transition

Dive into Web3 without a tech degree. We've simplified it all. Just bring your ambition.

Clear Subscription Plan

A straightforward monthly subscription covers everything. Cancel anytime, no hidden costs.

Expert Assistance on Standby

Leverage our experience to fuel your success. We're here to help you outshine the competition.


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We are an Offical Shopify Partner

Our Shopify App Makes Digital Collectable Discounts Easy

Our app on the Shopify App Store enhances your loyalty program with ease. It automates discount offer to customers holding your Digital Collectibles and bolts in to your existing loyalty programmes – all without the need to understand web3 technology.
“Digital Collectibles offer a remarkable way to cultivate and unite customer communities around the heart of a brand's mission.”
Melissa Gilmour
Head of Marketing, InfinitX

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Collectible?

A Digital Collectible, also sometimes called an NFT, is a one-of-a-kind, verifiable digital asset that is stored on a blockchain, which is a type of decentralized digital ledger. These collectibles can be used as unique rewards for your customers, signifying exclusive privileges or marking milestones in their journey with your brand.

Here's a simplified way to understand it: Imagine a digital 'safe box' that holds a unique digital item (the Digital Collectible). This safe box is stored in a massive digital vault (the blockchain), which is very secure and transparent. The blockchain ensures that this digital item cannot be duplicated or faked - it's as unique as a hand-signed autograph. And the best part? Your customers don't have to know any technical details - they can just enjoy the benefits of these digital collectibles.

Can this service integrate with our existing Shopify customer loyalty programs?

Absolutely! Our service is designed to augment what's already working well in your business. If you have an existing customer loyalty program on Shopify, we will help integrate Digital Collectibles to add a fresh layer of engagement. And if you're starting from scratch, we are ready to help you build a robust customer loyalty program that incorporates Digital Collectibles.

Digital Collectibles and Web3 seem really complicated to implement?

We understand how the concept may seem complex, but that's where we come in. We've done all the hard work behind the scenes so that it's simple and seamless for you and your customers. Our service ensures that your customers won't have to worry about technical details like creating wallets or connecting them to your Shopify store. We handle all of this in the background, enabling you to deliver a smooth customer experience.

Can you integrate with the existing systems and services our business uses?

Yes, we can! As official Shopify partners, we have developed a Shopify App that operates within your store. Moreover, we can integrate with over 5000 other services and offer the support you need to automate processes, like granting Digital Collectibles to customers based on their actions.

I’m worried this will be expensive, is it?

Our service is designed to be cost-effective. We offer a simple monthly subscription that covers everything you need, including the creation of Digital Collectibles and transaction fees. You can pay monthly and cancel anytime.

I have heard that blockchain has a negative environmental impact, is this true?

While some blockchain technologies, like Bitcoin, do have high energy consumption, we work with Stellar, a blockchain technology committed to being 100% carbon neutral.

If we stop paying for your service, will we lose all our Digital Collectibles?

Not at all! Your Digital Collectibles are published to the blockchain, and they are yours to keep forever, regardless of your subscription status with us.

Do you provide any refunds or any other guarantees?

Yes, we do. We strive for your complete satisfaction. If, after your first month, you're not fully satisfied, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

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