3 NFTs combining art, utility and meaning.

We are excited to team with The Blue Marble and an amazing artist to shine a light on domestic violence and human-trafficking. These funds will get individuals access to vital care.

Mary Kucek - Founder and CEO of OvaryIt


This is not your run-of-the-mill NFT Collection. No, this is far greater with a larger impact. The Hidden Faces of Domestic Violence collection is symbolic of those who must hide in plain sight for their safety.

90% of the funds for the NFT sale goes directly to the OvaryIt Foundation, the remaining 10% goes to Sir Cheesely (artist) and The Blue Marble.

Support ArtTable with artist Kate Iverson

This set of 100 NFTs serve as numbered, limited-edition digital prints of Mina (2020), by artist Kate Iverson with sale proceeds supporting ArtTable's initiatives that advance women leaders in the art world.

Kate Iverson

Minneapolis-based painter, photographer and mixed media artist, as well as curator and co-founder of Alice Riot.

She has exhibited nationally, often focusing on the parallels between nature and design. Kate’s work tells vibrant color stories that move between flat and dimensional objects, combined with gestural brushstrokes and street art aesthetic, see www.kateiversonart.com

Support ArtTable

ArtTable will receive 100% of the proceeds from the initial sale plus 50% royalties on any secondary market sales to fund its programming and initiatives that advance women leaders in the art world.

Carbon removal from Biochar Life

Transparent offsets

This NFT equates to 2 Tonnes of CO2eq, sold in fractions of $25 (20 issued in total). Each issuance offsets approximately 100 kg (0.10 tonnes) of CO2eq. All the data to support the carbon removed can be found in the file associated with this NFT.

About Biochar.Life

Carbon removal and social impact in rural farming communities with supporting data tracked and reported in the NFT certificate (based on the European Biochar Certification (EBC) tropical farmer standard)

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