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The Blue Marble NFT marketplace features and benefits - its all about making it easy for people to join the Web3 space.

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Easy to create
Easy to share
Easy to buy
Easy to use wallet

Easy to create


Create NFTs

You don't need to connect wallets or anything complex to get minting NFTs.

The interface is intuitive and easy for anyone to use.


Share revenue

Creators can choose to get paid royalties on every future sale of their NFTs.

They can also share their revenue to support social and environmental causes.

Easy to share

You can send your NFTs to anyone with an email address. They don't need to setup up anything, just sign in and claim.


Find out how easy sharing your NFTs can be

The best way for you to see how easy it is to share NFTs on The Blue Marble is to try it yourself. 

Fill in the form and we will email you an NFT to offset your next cup of coffee for free. There's no better way for you to find out how our services work.

Grab your free carbon removal NFT

Easy to purchase


Bank card checkout

Use a normal bank card to purchase NFTs and we'll automatically create a wallet for you.

You don't need any knowledge about "crypto" to climb onboard.

Integrates everywhere

Shopify Integration
Launch on Shopify
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Over 5000 integrations
Connects to the products you use
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Easy to use wallet


Fully featured wallet

Created automatically for you - a Stellar wallet with full features such as send, receive and exchange of any Stellar assets.

Purchase digital assets like USDC and offload funds through to your traditional bank account.

Frequently asked questions

Do you support non-custodial wallets?

Yes - however we create custodial wallets for new accounts to provide convenience unless the user has the required technical experience.

Can I send NFTs using an API?

Yes - meaning you can integrate sending NFTs into your existing ecommerce shop or other platform you use to interact with your communities.

Chat to our technical team for more information.

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About us

We are backed by one of the biggest names in blockchain, Stellar. An eco-friendly technology that consistently sees the highest transactional volume of any of the blockchains out there.

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Stellar Development Foundation

Always innovating

We've been in this space for more than 5 years with a real-world track record and funding from the Stellar Development Foundation multiple times.

Technology Innovator Awards
Business awards

Award winning

We've received a number of blockchain and technology industry awards such as "Most Innovative Global Blockchain FinTech Solutions 2021" and "Best Blockchain Powered Technology Solutions Provider - UK" for the IT Awards 2022 from SME News.

Accessible to all

Market leading

The Blue Marble innovates with user accessibility that opens up Web3 to everyone. You don’t need technical expertise to launch campaigns or collect NFTs.

Make Web3 Easy

How we help you

Learn more about how you can expand your brand into the Web3 space with The Blue Marble

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