Scale your environmental programs

Build community driven environmental programs with NFT technology that’s fast to set up and easy to deploy.

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Secure funding
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Technology that accelerates environmental progress

Economics to drive environmental goals

Let us help you design your token economics and NFT campaign so you can unlock the investment potential of your environmental programs.

Environmental leadership

Be a renowned leader in creating environmental change through this innovative new technology.

Fully managed

Our team are experts in blockchain and NFTs who can support you and your vision.

Social impact

Build long term environmental impact that supports suppliers and involves your customers.

Frictionless scale

Implemented correctly, NFTs and blockchain can achieve scale at much lower costs than traditional systems.

Easy to use

Our tech allows anyone working on solving environmental issues to achieve their objectives faster.

Why blockchain?

We understand that people working on solving environmental problems have more pressing issues to deal with than working out which technology will do the best job.

That’s why we provide a turnkey service delivered by our team of Web3 experts leaving you to focus on the work that really matters.

Why blockchain?

  • Tokenization of environmental assets opens up new ways to monetise your programs leading to faster scale
  • Tracking activities along your supply chain through a blockchain ledger results in improved transparency
  • Increased community participation with fractionalised investment structures means more people can take part

Properly implemented, blockchain helps you scale faster by automating incentives and improving the productivity of your environmental programs.


About us

We are backed by one of the biggest names in blockchain, Stellar. An eco-friendly technology that consistently sees the highest transactional volume of any of the blockchains out there.

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Stellar Development Foundation

Always innovating

We've been in this space for more than 5 years with a real-world track record and funding from the Stellar Development Foundation multiple times.

Technology Innovator Awards
Business awards

Award winning

We've received a number of blockchain and technology industry awards such as "Most Innovative Global Blockchain FinTech Solutions 2021" and "Best Blockchain Powered Technology Solutions Provider - UK" for the IT Awards 2022 from SME News.

Environmental accreditation

European Biochar Certification

We have environmental accreditation having been accepted by the European Biochar Certification (EBC) for our work on using blockchain for carbon removal credits.

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