Installation & setup guide for The Blue Marble Shopify App



The Blue Marble Shopify App simplifies the process of running Web3 customer loyalty campaigns from your Shopify store, allowing you to::

  • Create new digital collectibles,
  • Gift digital collectibles to shoppers upon purchase of your products,
  • Offer discounts to shoppers who own one of your digital collectibles,
  • Enable shoppers to share your digital collectibles with friends post-checkout.

All these features are available with a simple monthly subscription, along with a 7-day free trial.


Installing the Shopify App


Configuration & setup

👋 Before offering discounts and gifts, complete essential setup actions first. Watch the relevant videos to finish configuring the app features you plan to use.

1. Setup - Gift collectibles

How to add the gifting theme block to your product page

2. Setup - Automated discounts

How to enable automated discounts in the theme as well as configuring the customer login setting

3. Setup - Discount codes

How to add the discount code theme block to your product page

Creating digital collectibles


Gifting collectibles with store purchases


Creating & managing discounts

1. Automated discounts

Discounts automatically applied during checkout to digital collectible holders without the need to use a discount code

2. Discount codes

Displaying discount codes to shoppers who own particular digital collectibles

Share & Boost



Do I need a paid subscription to use the Shopify App?

A paid subscription is required to use the Shopify app. You can manage this subscription through your Shopify account or via your Blue Marble account. Additionally, a 7-day fully-featured free trial is available to test the app.

What blockchains do you support?

We support digital assets on the Stellar network, a carbon-neutral blockchain with low transaction fees. Stellar has been in operation since 2014, and by using it, we eliminate higher costs like gas fees associated with other blockchain networks.

Do I have to pay additional gas fees or blockchain transaction fees?

No, we include all necessary fees in our monthly subscriptions for The Blue Marble, so you can mint and distribute your NFTs without any unexpected costs.

Can I get help setting up a customer loyalty campaign?

Absolutely! While The Blue Marble is designed to be user-friendly, some customers prefer to outsource their customer loyalty program entirely. We can assist you in designing your program or even manage the entire process for you. Book a call with us now.

How should I design a web3 customer loyalty program?

Start by focusing on the experiences you want your brand's fans, advocates, and customers to enjoy. Aim to create exclusivity and connections to physical events or objects that will genuinely excite your community. From there, you can easily design an NFT and Web3-based program using our full APIs and integrations with popular business applications, making it a breeze to connect and automate your customer loyalty initiatives.

Can you manage my loyalty program for me?

Yes, we offer fully managed services and enterprise plans to handle your loyalty program from start to finish. Reach out to us to discuss the details and find the best option for your needs.

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