Installation & setup guide for The Blue Marble Shopify App



The Blue Marble Shopify App simplifies the process of running Web3 customer loyalty campaigns from your Shopify store. With this app, you can:

  • Create new digital collectibles,
  • Gift digital collectibles to shoppers upon purchase of your products,
  • Offer discounts to shoppers who own one of your digital collectibles,
  • Enable shoppers to share your digital collectibles with friends post-checkout.

All these features are available with a simple monthly subscription, along with a 7-day free trial.


Installing the Shopify App

1. Enter your email address

Once the app is installed, you will be prompted to enter your email address for sign-in.

If you already have an account with The Blue Marble, please use the same email address.

If you don't have an account, one will be created for you automatically using the email address you provide.


2. Use the One Time Login code

Copy and paste the OTP code sent to your email.

If you don't receive the code within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam folder.


3. Select subscription

If this is a new account, you'll enjoy a 7-day free trial. Select the subscription package that suits your needs best.

For large volumes or custom requirements, feel free to book a call to discuss your options.


Creating new digital collectibles

Frequency asked questions

What is best practise for the image size?

When creating digital collectibles, we recommend aiming for high-quality imagery to enhance the user experience.

While the minimum size should be 1000px by 1000px, we suggest using a resolution of 2400px x 2400px for optimal quality. Please note that the maximum file size allowed is 100MB.

What is Markdown and how can I use it to format the description?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to add formatting elements to plain text. It's easy to learn and use, enabling you to style your text with simple symbols.

For instance, you can use asterisks (*) for bold or italics, hash signs (#) for headings, and brackets and parentheses for links. To format your description using Markdown, just add the appropriate symbols around your text.

For example, **bold** makes your text bold, *italic* makes it italic, and [link text](URL) creates a hyperlink. This way, you can easily enhance the readability and appearance of your text.

What is the Issuance of a digital collectible and how should I use it?

Issuance of a digital collectible refers to the number of copies that can be owned or distributed. Classic digital collectibles often have an issuance of 1, meaning only one person can own it. However, for loyalty digital collectibles, you usually issue more than one, similar to a limited edition. This creates a sense of exclusivity while allowing multiple people to own a copy.

For ongoing loyalty tokens, we recommend setting the issuance to a high number, like 1 million, as they are issued continuously. Remember, you can close the primary issuance anytime, stopping the creation of new copies.

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Gifting collectibles

Before you begin...

To access our digital collectible gifting service, you must first receive approval from Shopify. Click the button to access the Shopify application form.

Once Shopify approves and enables your account, you'll be able to start gifting collectibles to your customers.


Add the Gift Block to your theme

1. Add the block

To set up gift rules, first add the "Collectible Gift" block to your theme. Here's how: Go to 'Settings' in your theme, then click on "Customize." From there, select a product page to proceed.

Click "Add block" in the section of the product page you wish to display your Collectible Gifts to Shoppers and select "Collectible Gift".

Drag the block to your desired place in the section.


2. Style the block

When you select the block, setting options will appear. You may change the title of the block or hide it, apply styles and change the colour.

The Placeholder image displayed will be replaced with a thumbnail of the Digital Collectible you are gifting the Shopper.

For more advanced styling you have the CSS overrides box.


Setup Gift Rules

1. Create a new rule

Navigate to the the page called "Gift Collectibles".

Click "Create a gift rule".


2. Define the new rule

  1. Give your rule a name for you to identify it.
  2. Select the digital collectible you wish to gift to your Shoppers. If you dont see any collectibles listed here, you need to create one first.
  3. The gift can be provided to all products, specific products or specific collections

Click "Save gift rule".


3. Testing Your Gift Rule

After setting up, your gift rule will be listed.

Now, go to a relevant product page to check if the digital collectible offer displays correctly. Ensure it appears as you intended.



Add the Discount Block to your theme

1. Add the Collectible Discounts block

To display Discount Codes for Digital Collectible owners, add the "Collectible Discounts" block to your Shopify Store Theme.

Go to your theme, select 'Customize', and choose the page(s) where you want the Collectible Discounts Block.

For instance, on a Product Page, click 'Add block' within Product Information, then select "Collectible Discounts".


2. Customise the block

The default discount block appears at the bottom of the Product Information list.

Drag the block to the place inside the Product Information list, and use the controls on the right hand side to change the text and look/feel of the block inline with your store theme and NFT discounts.

When you are finished, click save and exit your theme settings. 


Create discount codes

1. Click create discount code

Navigate to the Discounts page and click "Create discount code".


2. Fill in the details

In the first section, set a title for your NFT discount campaign and choose the NFT required for the discount.

Typically, owning one unit of the NFT suffices, but you can set a higher threshold if customers can own multiple units.

Create the discount code yourself or use the "Generate" button to create a random one.


2. Define the discount rules

In the second section, you'll manage the standard discount rules of Shopify.

For a better understanding of these options, we advise reading Shopify's discount help documentation.


Share & Boost

How it works

The "Share & Boost" service allows you to prompt your customers to share your digital collectibles with friends.

After completing a purchase, shoppers are given the option to send your collectibles to friends via email.


How to setup Share & Boost

1. Collectible & personal message

  1. Choose the digital collectible you want your customers to share.
  2. Set a limit on the number of email addresses they can add per checkout.
  3. Include a personal message explaining why sharing this gift with friends is valuable.

2. Messages & enable/disable

  1. Add a message to the email sent to your customers' friends, outlining the benefits of the gift.
  2. Allow your customers to include a personal message for their friends.
  3. To activate the post-checkout page, tick the box and click 'Save'. Untick and save to disable this page.


Do I need a paid subscription to use the Shopify App?

A paid subscription is required to use the Shopify app. You can manage this subscription through your Shopify account or via your Blue Marble account. Additionally, a 7-day fully-featured free trial is available to test the app.

What blockchains do you support?

We support digital assets on the Stellar network, a carbon-neutral blockchain with low transaction fees. Stellar has been in operation since 2014, and by using it, we eliminate higher costs like gas fees associated with other blockchain networks.

Do I have to pay additional gas fees or blockchain transaction fees?

No, we include all necessary fees in our monthly subscriptions for The Blue Marble, so you can mint and distribute your NFTs without any unexpected costs.

Can I get help setting up a customer loyalty campaign?

Absolutely! While The Blue Marble is designed to be user-friendly, some customers prefer to outsource their customer loyalty program entirely. We can assist you in designing your program or even manage the entire process for you. Book a call with us now.

How should I design a web3 customer loyalty program?

Start by focusing on the experiences you want your brand's fans, advocates, and customers to enjoy. Aim to create exclusivity and connections to physical events or objects that will genuinely excite your community. From there, you can easily design an NFT and Web3-based program using our full APIs and integrations with popular business applications, making it a breeze to connect and automate your customer loyalty initiatives.

Can you manage my loyalty program for me?

Yes, we offer fully managed services and enterprise plans to handle your loyalty program from start to finish. Reach out to us to discuss the details and find the best option for your needs.

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