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Shopify NFTs - Retain and reward your customers

Part 1


Everyone with their marketing thinking-cap on - from Brand Managers, Marketing Directors through to client teams at Marketing Agencies is asking the question - what is Web3, why should we care, and how could we use it?

To be clear - Web3 and NFTs are not for everyone - but for brands that need to develop more cost effective marketing channels, and have a desire to connect with a younger generation of consumers, we can help you:

  1. With an NFT experience that can be completed by non-technical people.
  2. By integrating into your existing Shopify ecommerce website.
Part 2

When do NFTs make sense?

Loyalty programmes, discounts, collectables and ticketing have all existed for a long time! The beauty of NFTs is that you can combine these different elements into one NFT that resonates with your brand. For example:

  • Using a limited edition NFT can create a feeling of exclusivity for your customers that own it.
  • A limited edition NFT can also include interesting digital art that makes it that much more special.
  • You can include discounts on future purchases to NFT holders automatically during checkout
  • You can provide secure access to extra perks, goodies and information to NFT holders
  • You can use the NFT for ticketing at your events and run promotions inside the event for the NFT holders
  • You can involve customers in in your social or environmental  missions such as providing a carbon offset for a product or service they purchase

We understand that every brand is different, simple is best - you can package up your NFTs with only the benefits that create real value for your customers.

Part 3

Sending Web3 rewards from Shopify

Our mission is to make sure that anyone can join the Web3 movement - so there's no setup, requests to connect wallets - or other Web3 stuff that can make your average user freak out!

All your Shopify customers need do is:

  1. Purchase product(s) as usual on your Shopify store
  2. Click a link in an email sent to them that connects to their purchase
  3. Add their name and password to collect and claim their NFT

We’ve created a demonstration Shopify store for you to experience this yourself (password: demo).


Shopify checkout

Customer purchase products as they normally do on your existing Shopify ecommerce webstore.


Branded email arrives

In addition to your Shopify order emails, your customer now receives a custom NFT designed and branded to your spec.


Just a few clicks to claim

Your customer adds their name and password, clicks claim - and they now own your NFT.

You can experience the process for yourself by performing a test checkout on a Shopify store we created. Use the password "demo" to access the storefront.

Once your customers own your NFTs, you can provide them with reasons to return to your Shopify store, such as purchase discounts and access to exclusive offers.

Find out how easy claiming NFTs can be

Grab a free NFT

We've worked hard to make it easy for anyone to claim an NFT with zero Web3 knowledge. Let us email you a free NFT for you to claim so you can experience it first hand.

Part 4

A custom plan for your Shopify store?

We offer a free consultation to Shopify Store owners interested in looking at how a Web3 campaign could support the sales and marketing of their businesses.

Take the basic workflow for a test drive (password: demo), and when you are ready book a call with us to get a complimentary proposal of how you might accelerate growth with an easy to understand Web3 strategy.

We operate on Stellar

Stellar is an open source, decentralized protocol. Their network is designed to make asset issuance easy and the concerns around the environmental impact of blockchain are removed thanks to the efficiency of the Stellar network. 

Not only have Stellar committed to being carbon neutral, but they are back paying back their historical carbon footprint of the network since 2015.

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