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We provide your Web3 marketing tools as a managed service, meaning there's nothing for you to setup or worry about.

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An easy to use Web3 platform accessible by anyone, anywhere.


Zero friction

You don't require any technical know how to create your NFT campaigns.


Integrates easily

Integrates into the products your business already uses like Shopify.



Anyone can claim their NFTs with a couple of clicks.


Customer benefits

NFTs with real use like discounts for customers next time they checkout.


Support ESGs

Connects customers to your social and environmental missions.


Customer communities

Provides a new way to contact your customers for years to come.

What is Web3 as a Service?

One simple monthly fee

There's no complicated setup or understanding of Web3 technology required - just create your account and go.


Can I really launch my NFT campaign with a low monthly fee and no technical knowledge?

Absolutely. Once you create your account you can create your first NFT for free, which lets you experience first hand how easy life can be.

When you are ready you can choose the subscription that fits you and your business needs.

What if I have bespoke requirements that don't fit your packages?

We are always able to create a personalised proposal for you. Just book a call with the team, and we will generate a plan that fits whatever mission you're on!

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